My favourite things:

My family
My Jack Russells
Gold panning
Escape Rooms

Did you want to know about
Needeep In Design’s Logo history?

Hi! I’m Debbie Hester and I am the sole creative brains behind Needeep In Design, located in the Camden region of New South Wales, Australia.

Being creative was always something I did in my “in-between” moments in life.  From a very young age I loved to draw. Even during high school, I was always doodling in the margins of my books and often painting when I should have been studying.

I was very fortunate to have access to a computer at home (this was back when they weren’t in every house and way before the internet). I was fascinated with it and technology. My father would let me use MS Paint and I started creating images pixel by pixel. I was enthralled. Dad would let me borrow business cards he had been given and I would copy logos and images from them.

The day I worked out that I could use both passions together and make a career out of it was the start of my passion!

I have been doing Graphic Design since I graduated in 2001. It excites me to work with new clients who love what they do and are as passionate about it. Every job is different, and every day brings new challenges and adventures.

I pride myself on my strong work ethic, honesty, transparency and providing a professional service that is accessible from all industries.

If you would love to share your passion about what you do with me so we can create beautiful designs together then I would love to hear from you!