Some of you may or may not be aware of where Needeep In Design originated so I thought I would share it all with you.

As a tween (not a kid but not a teenager) I was given a frog ornament as a gift. Then another, then another… a few years later and a few more gifts and I had well over 300 frog type items including ornaments, PJ’s, clocks, candles, earrings, wine glasses etc etc.

In my last few months at College doing my Graphic Design course we were putting together our final projects and all the other students were designing themselves a logo to go with it. They were all very similar i.e. “MyName Designs” or “Designs by MyName”. The word design was mainly used for graphic designers or clothing designers back then so it wasn’t that confusing as to what you did.
I wanted to stand out a little more… have a name on mine that would start a conversation and be remembered so I started looking at what I loved in my life and my frogs “leaped” out immediately.

So I started playing around with frog words i.e., frog, green, ribbit etc etc. Ribbit led me onto the other sounds that frogs make¬†like “croak”,¬†“neh dip”. “Neh Dip” sounded so much like the words “Knee Deep” that I loved it immediately. I was living my life with my knees buried in various design objects daily so it was very appropriate. The “In Design” part was just a natural flow on.

I originally looked at having “Knee Deep In Design” but it was too literal and hence “Needeep In Design” was created!

My original logo had two frogs legs sticking out of water which I no longer have a digital copy of anywhere.

In 2012 I modernised it with a more vibrant colour and pattern. Using the lillypad idea to create the letter shapes from original line work.

In June of 2019 I decided to take a little break from designing to focus on my health and family. After a 2 year break it was time to get back into my passion of designing. I had found my stride in how I live my life and how I wanted to run my business. New branding was needed to reflect that.

In June 2021 I relaunched Needeep In Design with a new brand and colour palette. This time going back to the roots of using a frog image but making the branding more earthy and organic with still having a little playful touch.

Logo from 2012 until 2019

Logo from 2021 until now