Why logo design should cost more than $50

So you have just started an exciting new venture and need an awesome logo and branding to help sell your service/product! Apart from naming your business most people will tell you that this is right up the top of the list of the “most important pieces I need for my new business”.

So why do you only want to budget $50 for  such an important part?

Lets start with what processes are involved in making a great logo?

1. The Design Brief: I try to emphasise how important it is that the design brief get filled in with as much detail as possible. A properly filled out design brief makes sure both parties understand the business including it’s selling demographic (age, gender etc), it’s direction and most importantly what exactly the product or service involves. Sometimes it brings up questions for the client that they hadn’t really thought of themselves yet either.
A well filled in design brief makes the logo design process a smooth one with the client coming away with exactly what they need or want.

2. Research: The designer must become familiar with the product or service. This involves looking up competitors and having a look at what works well in the industry but also what will help the client stand out in the crowd.

3. Sketching: This might seem like a redundant process for the client and I often get asked “isn’t it just easier to start putting things on the computer?”…  This stage should not be skipped. It’s important to get sketching with ideas and it’s exactly like a brainstorming session. I will often start with some key words the client has given me and then go from there. It’s also an easy way to cross off those ideas that really won’t work without putting all that time into mocking them up on the computer.

4. Setting up the artwork, reviewing and presenting: Finally at step 4 we get into setting up the logo options on the computer. This is where the designer will take a few of the ideas and start mocking them up, including selecting fonts and fine tuning layout from the sketches. It is very likely that no colour will be introduced until quite late in this stage if not at all as a great design will need to work in both colour and black & white. Eventually when the designer is happy they have met the brief they will present the options to the client for review.

5. Evaluation and revisions: This is the time that the logo will go back and forth between the client and designer to tighten up the design. Sometimes colour is not even added until this stage. This process can vary in how many changes will be made.

6. Completion and delivery: Once the client is happy with their new logo the designer will package it up for use. This should include various logo formats and options including black & white versions, options for printing & the web etc etc.
I encourage clients to also order a style guide for their logo. It lists out the various fonts used, colour breakdowns (useful for when the web designer is setting up that webpage), suggestions on how best to use and not use the logo etc. This makes sure that branding matches and is consistent with your new logo!

How much time do you think would go into this whole process? Even a basic logo design (which can sometimes be one of the hardest to do) can take a minimum of 10 to 15 hours. For a $50 logo thats a whole whopping $5 per hour!


What about that company that tells me I can get 3 logo options for $50???

What is the first thing most people do these days when looking for something? They visit their favourite search engine (i.e. Google, Bing etc) and type in some keywords like “logo design” “affordable” “cheap” “branding” etc etc… They then come across these companies that promise the world (and sometimes within 24 hours!).
How do they do it? They use various shortcuts including; using clip arts, stealing from competitors logos, using recycled parts from other logos and even mass outsourcing to overseas countries. They will also sometimes only send you a low resolution image that you pretty much can only use on a website and will not even be good enough quality to put on Facebook!


So what should I be paying for a logo design?

This is a question often asked and is a difficult one to answer. It would be lovely if a magic number could be formulated to provide clients and designers with an easy way to figure this out but unfortunately there isn’t one. There are many various factors involved with the costs of logo design including how big the company is, how many logo options need to be presented, how much research is required, how many variations on the final logo need to be submitted …. the list goes on.
The best option is to contact your designer to gauge an idea on costs. This will require the client to have done a little homework prior to contacting the designer so as to be able to provide them with relevant information.


If you would like a quote for a logo design please send us an email enquiry >>>  CLICK HERE

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