What I found in my letterbox today


I just went out to check my letterbox to find it full of flyers from various local companies. I had a quick flick through it all to find two from local competing Gyms.

One had a clear message/imagery, logo, easy to read fonts and a call to action (where to go for more information). It used appropriate colours for their brand and industry.

The other unfortuantely was messy. VERY MESSY.
With poor images used (one of the “after” shots has had the man’s arm chopped off halfway).
Poor choice of fonts and colours.
A logo and call to action that were difficult to read and distinguish from the background.
And finally the message they were trying to say was lost and confusing.

I would be surprised if this flyer even turned over 1 new membership and they have just wasted money on ineffective marketing.

If I wanted to get results from my exercise / weight loss I would pay a professional to help.

If YOU want to get results from your marketing then it pays to pay for a professional designer.

YOU can email me at debbie@needeepindesign.com.au and together we can create an amazing flyer together!

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