There are lots of questions people have (or should have!) when they investigate hiring a graphic designer. We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions, with answers to help you out. If your question isn’t here, please get in touch via our Contact  page.

Q. What size should my photos be?

A. The photos you send us should be at least 300 dpi (or 1200 x 1800 pixels). In terms of megabytes (MB), your photos should be between 1-5 MB. The easiest way to achieve this is to use your digital camera on the highest resolution setting. If your photo quality is too low, we’ll get in touch to organise a replacement photo. Please don’t crop or resize the images before you send them – we sometimes use other parts of the photo to assist in the graphic design process. If you do want to show us how you want the photo to be cropped, send through both the cropped image, and the original.

Q. Should I edit my photos before sending them?

A. No – we can do that for you. We are able to crop, sharpen, reduce red-eye, and change colours within photos (sepia, black and white etc.). If you have special requests – such as fixing blemishes or cropping specific areas – please ensure that you tell us this in the email that accompanies the photos you send us. Photo editing does incur separate fees, so please do check that with us prior to other artwork commencing.

Q. Can I send you printed photos?

A. Yes. We will scan them to use for your design, and then return the photos to you. This service may incur an additional fee.

Q. How can I get my digital photos to you?

A. Email is by far the quickest and easiest way to do this. You could also burn the images to a disk, and post it to us. It’s a good idea to be aware of any restrictions your email provider might have in terms of the size of images you can attach to it – but generally, the image size required by us is OK for most email accounts.

Q. If the image size is too big to email, what can I do?

A. Sometimes, home internet service providers have limits on the size of files that can be sent. An easy way around this is to set up a ‘gmail‘ account through google. Using a ‘gmail’ account means that you can send and receive up to 25MB per email, which should stop those emails bouncing back to you!

Q. Can I use professional photos on my design?

A. This is a really important issue. For you to use professional photos, you need to have written permission from the photographer. Photographers are artists, and their work is protected by Copyright. By asking us to use professional photos within your design (or sending the photos for us to use), you are confirming that you have that written permission. Please refer to our Terms And Conditions for further details about this issue.

Q. Will my design colours look exactly the same as they do on the computer screen?

A. When you look at your computer screen, the colours you are seeing are made up of red, green and blue pixels. However, printing is done in cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Because of that, there is always the chance of slight variances between the screen image, and the printed result. Experience has taught us that by taking the time to create designs to standard colours, we can reduce the risk of that colour variance occurring. While some factors that result in variance are out of our control, we work to minimise this as much as we can.

Q. I saw something I like in your gallery – can I get the same design layout, but with different colours?

A. Absolutely! We can customise photos, colours, backgrounds, images, text, and designs until they reflect your desired outcome and individuality.

Q. Are there any restrictions about the sizes I can get my design in?

A. Your design is created to your requirements. We highly value you and your design goals, and want to meet your defined needs within the process. As a result, your design’s size and shape can be standard or unique.

Q. Can you also print my designs?

A. Yes! We can give you a quote for the printing of your products, and are happy to handle this for you. This will incur a separate fee.

Q. Do you take international orders?

A. Part of the beauty of the internet is that Needeep In Design can function effectively as an online business. The file formats that we use are universal, as is email. We can create and send designs to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Our international database includes clients from USA and New Zealand as well as nationally within Australia.

Q. Ok, so how much will design work cost?

A. Rather than making broad statements about pricing, we assess each enquiry individually. The quote you receive from us will reflect the intricacy of your design, the amount of design work involved, and the size of the project. Our quotes are of course obligation free, so why not contact us today?

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. Direct Deposit is the preferred method, and we will provide you with account details with your Invoice. We require a 50% deposit before we commence work. Please refer to our Terms And Conditions for further details about this issue. Alternatively, we can arrange for payment through PayPal, however this does incur a surcharge to cover the fees that PayPal apply.

Didn’t get your question answered? Want to get more information? Send us an email at enquiries@needeepindesign.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as possible.