Chalk Art

You may be asking yourself “Why go back to actual chalk art when everything can be so easily done digitally now ?”

I find doing the chalk art quite a joyful endeavour. It brings me back to basic layout, typography and more importantly those hand drawing skills that are so often not used now.
I have always been a “hands on” learner and I also really find the tactility of the chalk appealing.

It has and is still a major learning curve in getting it to look good and I have recently stumbled across a little hurdle with regards to coloured chalk not showing up as vibrantly as I thought it would. It will be a trial and error process to see what works best in this regard.

I am also really excited to be trying out a method of preserving chalk art for longer periods of time so you can keep those hand done works of art!

To finish off here are a few tidbits of information that I thought would be interesting to share (In regards to my “Pick a Seat not a SIDE” project).
– 2 hours sketching ideas and layout
– 4 hours in “chalking”
– 3 pieces of while chalk used
– 8 cotton buds (otherwise known as cue tips)
– 2 paper towels
– 1/4 cup water
And enough chalk shavings/dust to make approximately a cup of fantastic chalk paint for my son to get creative with!


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